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Schwezigon Pagoda

I can see the golden spire rising above the trees, so I know I’m going the right way, but I’m also passing by an odd building to my right. It’s long, narrow, columned, and ignored. […]

house on fire Peter lik

House on Fire

I’d seen a photo of this place years ago and decided I wanted to go there one day… if only I knew where “there” was. Out in a remote part of the desert, up a […]

rickets Vietnam vendor

Something Wrong with this Picture

Saigon is a bustling town, but not particularly scenic. Its a commercial city, with business and traffic in good measure, but short on photo opportunities. Among its attractions is a leftover from the French: The […]

The Kanaung Conspiracy

Sandamuni Pagada was built in memory of Prince Kanaung, who was to have been the next King of Burma but was assassinated in 1866. Many Burmese believe their history would have been quite different, had […]

Laos rice field walkway

Green Dream

The first couple days in Vang Vieng, I rented a scooter to get around. My mission was to find a particular rice field, with an elevated wooden walkway, a pavilion at its end, and the […]

Laos Vang Vieng cows

When the Cows Go Home

Driving around on a scooter west of Vang Vieng, trying to pick out a spot for a sunset shot. It appears to me that the sun will set dead center on this country road, and […]

patuxai laos Vientiane

The Vertical Runway

The USA donated a bunch of concrete to Laos so they could build an airport. The year was 1957, and the U.S. was probably thinking, “Hey, it looks like shit is about to go down […]

Myanmar Bridge

No Bain No Gain

I’ve got a long list of the best places on earth to take a photo, and I’m here in Mandalay to tick one of them off the list: U-Bain Bridge. Tell the taxi driver what […]

Mandalay Hill Myanmar

Temples in the Sky

Made my way to this spot under less than the best health conditions. It’s the view along the palace moat up at Mandalay Hill. A classic view in my opinion, but as with many of […]

Next Stop: Night Train Market.

Naturally this means I’ve got to take the train again, and at least this time I’ll have a clue how to do it. But down at the “ticket” machine, there are a couple young Chinese […]

Sofitel Sunset

The sun sets in forty minutes, and with Bangkok rush hour already underway, the places I want to photograph – Wat Arun and Sky Bar – are just not possible. A little internet digging shows […]

Madonna of Boracay

Some photos are harder to take than others. And some are damn near impossible. When I first saw the Madonna of Boracay, I knew she would be in the latter category. Though a main attraction […]

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