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The Strange Death of John F. Kennedy Jr.

The official story of John F. Kennedy Junior’s demise is a pack of lies. Let’s start with the flight path as shown in the crash report. It shows the plane descending normally for a flight on final approach for landing, […]

David Attenborough is Full of (Walrus) Shit

A new Netflix episode of Our Planet shows heart-wrenching scenes of walruses plunging over sea-cliffs to their deaths. And according to the shows narrator, David Attenborough, it’s all your fault. Why?  Because shrinking sea ice caused by “climate change” forces […]

Burger King Rules?

Civilization runs on rules, not laws. What’s the difference? Well for example, when you go to pay at the supermarket you go to the back of the line, right? Why? Why don’t you go to the front of the line? […]

First Memory

I was in prison. Flat on my back. Rows of wooden bars rose up beyond my reach. I would have been about a year old I suppose, in a crib, and I was aware. Above me hung a contraption of […]

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house on fire Peter lik

House on Fire

I’d seen a photo of this place years ago and decided I wanted to go there one day… if only […]

The Kanaung Conspiracy

Sandamuni Pagada was built in memory of Prince Kanaung, who was to have been the next King of Burma but […]

The Righteous Mind

I really can’t say enough good things about this book, it’s fantastic. An antidote to the insanity of today’s political […]


A scathing critique of American Conservatives and the birth of the Alt-Right. Core idea is that ideology is a product […]

The Rational Optimist

If there’s one book that I wish I wrote, it’s this one. Despite the constant barrage of doom and disaster, […]