Suchada Thai Massage

Website refresh for San Francisco’s premier provider of traditional Thai massage.


Responsive website design for Audi Canada, applying Audi Global Brand Guidelines to a multi language country site, with unique product […]


One page responsive home page design with scrolling parallax effects.


Who came up with the idea for the Logix robot? Who designed the Logix website? Hi there. Formerly Lockheed Credit […]

Safeway Foodflex

At the heart of this integrated interactive campaign is the FoodFlex application which allows customers to chart their entire grocery […]


Brand, logo, user experience, application design, website, marketing collateral, tradeshow, packaging, and more for a social video sharing platform.

Faggin Foundation

Federico Faggin was the co-inventor of the microprocessor, a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and also funds research into the […]


Redefining a white-label manufacturer as a consumer brand.

LSI Logic

Website design for a high technology supplier but with a consumer edge.

Thomson Reuters

Social platform for an academic audience, with a strategy to make the experience less formal than typical Reuters materials.


When a company’s  brand is based on ultimate performance, they’d better be sure the website supports this idea in visual […]


A partial listing of e-commerce clients, projects and screens.


The primary goal of this redesign effort was to reign in the many sub-sites for SanDisk’s various business units into […]


Interface design for PayPal customers to optimize and test their implementation of PayPal assets on their e-commerce websites.

McClure’s Magazine

User experience, site design, editorial content, social platforms and more for a satire and news site.

Clinique Cyberface

A series of interactive experiences ranging from desktop applications, to in-store kiosks, to web applications. Cyberface was truly ahead of it’s […]

Banks & Credit Unions

Mostly while serving as Creative Director at Extractable, I was involved in designing numerous bank and credit union websites. It […]