Clinique Cyberface

A series of interactive experiences ranging from desktop applications, to in-store kiosks, to web applications. Cyberface was truly ahead of it’s time, a vision of what was coming to the interactive space.


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  1. dennis says:

    A man walked into my company’s office carrying a big stack of Clinique collateral. He was sent by Estee Lauder executive Angela Kapp.

    My CEO dropped the pile of Clinique materials on my desk and went to lunch with the man who had brought them. Before they left, she said to me, “See what you can do with this stuff.”

    Now, it’s important to remember that at the time there was simply no such thing as a ‘web-site,’ there was barely any interactive design outside the computer industry at all. So what to do with all this ‘makeup’ stuff?

    Over that lunch hour, I came up with the ideas of a digital skin type calculator, a virtual face to test makeup on, animated product demonstrations, wish lists, and more. These ideas would go on to become the world’s first consumer beauty software product, “Cyberface.”

    It was a breakthrough in many ways. Limited to a 1Mb floppy disk and 256 colors, we had to be very creative in the way we produced graphics, especially since Clinique had more than 256 colors across their product line and representing them accurately was important. I believe we set some sort of record for the amount of content squished onto one little floppy.

    Cyberface was a big hit, and accolades flowed from the press. That initial application would go on to become an in-store kiosk, and ultimately provide the blueprint for which came years later.

    Just a little piece of interactive history, one of many I played a part in, back when everything was new, and making up the future was just part of the job.

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