A scathing critique of American Conservatives and the birth of the Alt-Right. Core idea is that ideology is a product of people not geography.

Theoretically, conservatives were supposed to preserve the ideals and practices that made America great; to remember the reasons America was founded. They have failed.

This book is about the ways the conservative movement has betrayed the very things it claims to hold most dear, by adopting the false feel-good ideology of the Left.

From the myth of the melting pot to the contorted Bible quotes used to pretend Jesus supported the free immigration of any number of any people anytime, the authors skewer the Leftist lies which the cuckservative Right has swallowed to avoid hurting peoples’ feelings.

They also openly discuss the negative effects that immigration brings with it, as cuckservatives are afraid to do. No matter how many Mexican friends you have who totally are as much American at heart as you are, accepting millions of strangers into your country and handing them welfare benefits will not boost the economy.

No matter how nice and welcoming in your heart you are to their cultural differences, they will not simply understand and teach their children to vote for American ideals that are alien to their culture of origin. No matter how terrible you feel for the historic oppression of people who looked like them by people who looked like you, unchecked immigration will lead once again to bloodshed and war.

Complacency is a terrible mistake. Correct it, before it destroys you and your neighbors.

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