Antelope Canyon

The website said the “photographer’s tour” of Antelope Canyon was fully booked, but “sightseeing” tours were still available. No way. No way am I going into one of the most photogenic places on earth in a mob of tourists. For their own safety I show up an hour early, and charmed my way into the “photographers tour.” Okay, maybe it wasn’t charm, more like cash, but it got me on the right bus.

Antelope Canyon has become an extremely popular spot, and the place is packed. On the photo tour, the guides clear out small sections of the canyon for 2 minutes at a time, giving everyone who paid the extra bucks a chance to set their tripod and get the shot. Every so often a non-English speaking tourist from one of the “regular” tours stumbles into our view, but our guide Rosie chews them out like a Navajo Drill Sergeant, no translation required. Thanks Rosie.


antelope canyon photo tour


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