Next Stop: Night Train Market.

Naturally this means I’ve got to take the train again, and at least this time I’ll have a clue how to do it. But down at the “ticket” machine, there are a couple young Chinese tourists who don’t have clue. They think the “ticket” machine, the one with the big “Ticket Machine” sign above it ought to sell them a “ticket.” But it doesn’t.

They go off to complain at the “ticket” counter, and I step up in their place. The ticket machine dispenses a black token at the bottom of a dark tray along with my change. I also find two other black tokens in the bottom of the tray, and I think I know to whom they belong. Which of the three is mine? No idea. They all look the same.

I walk over to where the Chinese tourists are trying to explain their problem. I hold the three tokens up high and the clerk immediately understands. I’m sure they do this everyday. I’m less sure that it’s occurred to anyone that just maybe the user experience design of purchasing a “ticket” needs re-examining. I’m available for consultations, but not holding my breath. Pretty sure it’ll be just the same 20 years from now.

Before I head downstairs to catch a northbound train, I overhear that the the Chinese tourists are going to Silom station – the opposite direction. So I’m surprised to see them waiting at the same platform as me. The guy is studying the signage closely, but I’m guessing he reads no Thai and limited English, because the sign says this train is going the other way. Captain Canada to the rescue. With broken English and sign language, I explain that their train is down another level. At least I hope it is, I barely know what I’m doing.

I get off at the station I need, and it isn’t clear at all where the Night Train Market is. After going off in the wrong direction for a block or two, I reverse course and follow the crowd to find the market behind a large shopping mall. There’s a lot going on, music, food, and shopping, but from ground level its just a mob scene. I’ve seen photos of this place from what appears to be an aerial view, and that’s the photo I want. But how?

After testing several elevators and the edges of trespassing, I arrive at the sixth floor of an adjacent parking garage. Ah yes, this is the spot, and unlike many of the photo spots I visit, its just me and the cars at this one. With another mission accomplished, it’s time to go down for a snack!

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