Author: dennis

12 Rules for Life

An enjoyable and useful read. Took some notes to remember the key points… 1. Stand Up Straight with your Shoulders Back If you look weak, you’ll be treated as if you are weak. If it appears that you lack confidence, no one will take you seriously.  When you stand up straight you are communicating the idea that, “you can handle...

The Strange Death of John F. Kennedy Jr.

The official story of John F. Kennedy Junior’s demise is a pack of lies. Let’s start with the flight path as shown in the crash report. It shows the plane descending normally for a flight on final approach for landing, then correcting altitude to about 2500 feet. FAA rules require a pilot to radio the control tower before descending below...


The 10,000 Year Explosion

Theory of the book is that the agricultural revolution not only changed mankind’s behavior, but also our genetics. Equal parts biology and sociology, it flirts with the edges of ‘race-realism,’ highlighting how and when the various populations on earth diverged.

The Talent Code

Is it possible to learn ‘talent?’ What is talent anyways? A thought provoking book, though I have to admit my attempt to become talented at pool has been underwhelming, lol.

The Balfour Declaration

The origins of the Middle-East conflict in a nut-shell. Meddling Europeans and scheming Zionists get together to ensure mayhem for centuries.

Blacklisted By History

What if Joseph McCarthy was right all along? What if the US government had been infiltrated by communists and communist sympathizers? Well, here is the evidence…


A scathing critique of American Conservatives and the birth of the Alt-Right. Core idea is that ideology is a product of people not geography. Theoretically, conservatives were supposed to preserve the ideals and practices that made America great; to remember the reasons America was founded. They have failed. This book is about the ways the conservative movement has betrayed the...

The Service

The memoirs of Reinhard Gehlen, who was the general in charge of German Intelligence on the Russian Front during World War Two, and became a partner with the CIA to re-establish intelligence operations in West Germany after the war.


Why did a few small polities in Europe come to dominate the rest of the world? Ferguson attributes this to the West’s development of six “killer apps”, which he claims are largely missing elsewhere in the world – “competition, science, the rule of law, medicine, consumerism and the work ethic”.  Ferguson compared and contrasted how the West’s “killer apps” allowed the West...

The New Right

A sort-of explanation of the New Right and some of its more prominent characters. It’s interesting, but the author spends a bit too much effort espousing his own ideas rather than the ones the book is supposedly about.

Inventing Freedom

Did you ever notice that has been the English speaking people who have defined and defended freedom around the world? Well, they have. And it is an amazing tale.


Why do people believe things about the world that are wrong? Hans Rosling proposes ten reasons in this great little book.

The Roosevelt Myth

FDR is often listed as one of America’s best Presidents, but this book makes him out as one of the worst. The man who put the “great” in the Great Depression, helped start WWII, and gave half of Europe to the Communists.