Category: Science

A Troublesome Inheritance

This is a book about human genetics, but really more about human history. It’s technical enough to make it interesting, but not enough to make it a textbook. It’s more of a book about human history with genetics being the background. The book walks an interesting line between political incorrectness and straight science. Just enough to make it uncomfortable to...


The 10,000 Year Explosion

Theory of the book is that the agricultural revolution not only changed mankind’s behavior, but also our genetics. Equal parts biology and sociology, it flirts with the edges of ‘race-realism,’ highlighting how and when the various populations on earth diverged.

Enter the Zone

This book saved my life. In the mid-90s my health was going downhill fast, and no number of doctors could come up with a reason why. Just by random I picked this book up at an airport, and decided to give it a try.

A World Without Cancer

Has a natural cure for cancer already been found? Although this book and its finding have been widely renounced in medical circles, I’m not so sure, and I’m acting on its advise just in case. So far so good.

Inventing the AIDS Virus

When a government official got on TV in the late 80’s to announce the discovery of “the probable cause of AIDS” had been found, a spending and media bonanza began. But years later when a researcher tried to look up the original study showing the proof, or at least probability, he couldn’t find one. There wasn’t one. This book explains...

The Emperor’s New Drugs

What if psychiatric drugs like Prozac and Zoloft were no more effective than a lump of sugar? What if there were natural ways to combat depression that were completely free? Dr. Irving Kirsch analyzed 38 separate clinical trials involving more than 3000 patients. On average, they found that patients who had been given drugs improved by a about 25% more...

Seeds of Deception

Catalogs numerous deceptions and dangers of genetically modified foods and how the agencies that are supposedly to protect the consumer do the exact opposite.

The Deep Hot Biosphere

Makes a case that oil is not a ‘fossil-fuel,’ that is composed of decayed organic material, but rather it is produced by geological processes deep within the earth.

Origin of Species

A long time ago I got in an argument with my girlfriend over evolution. During that argument I said something like “Darwin proved it.” But as I said that I realized that I didn’t know “how” Darwin had proved it. So twenty years later I listen closely to the audio-book of Darwin, I take notes, and… now I don’t think...

The Bell Curve

This book started a shit-storm when it came out. The controversy came from one chapter which revealed evidence that the races are not equal on average when it comes to intelligence (IQ).