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David Attenborough is Full of (Walrus) Shit

A new Netflix episode of Our Planet shows heart-wrenching scenes of walruses plunging over sea-cliffs to their deaths. And according to the shows narrator, David Attenborough, it’s all your fault. Why?  Because shrinking sea ice caused by “climate change” forces walruses to take refuge on the shore. This explanation is however: bullshit. Or should I say walrus-shit? First of all,...

The True Story of Russian ‘Interference’ in the 2016 Election

The True Story of Russian ‘Interference’ in the 2016 Election

Mr. Prigozhin sold hot dogs. It was the early 90s, the Soviet Union had just collapsed, and Prigozhin needed to make a buck. So he set up a hot dog stand in St. Petersburg. Soon, Prigozhin was able to open a restaurant, where he served cheap food for high prices, and attracted local celebrities and politicians. Prigozhin made good contacts....