El Paso Shooting & WWIII

I’m seeing a lot of people surprised and confused by the recent mass shootings in El Paso and Gilroy.  They really shouldn’t be. What we are seeing are the opening battles of a new uncivil war.

In the past, wars were fought between nation-states. But after victor and vanquished established, the fighting continued. Particularly in the case of occupation. For example, the US occupation of Iraq led to the rise of ISIS, or as the German occupation of France led to the French Resistance.

This is normal. It is to be expected. It should surprise no one.  When one culture is supplanted by another, some people don’t like it. Probably most. A few decide to do something about it.

The occupying forces are aware of this, and take measures to combat it. 

First of all, they take control of the media.  In France, “liberty, equality, and fraternity,” were replaced with the more Third-Reich friendly, “Work, Family, Fatherland.” Talk of French nationalism was of course outlawed, as were any discussions of opposition.

The attitude was that people just needed to accept the new reality, that everyone ought to get along in the new French/German multicultural society. 

Most French people did go along. Going along meant peace would be restored, and that they could go about solving the problems of their every day lives. 

But not everyone. Although the French government and masses had surrendered, others remained willing to risk their lives to repel the foreigners.  The French Resistance. Small in number, just 0.0025 of the total population, but they fought like demons to keep France French.

Were they heroes or villains? Patriots or terrorists? Insurgents or freedom-fighters?

They were all those things. 

Such labels are little more than word games, a way of picking sides. Categorical shortcuts.  A description of who YOU are, not them.  

If we are to honestly describe the French Resistance (or ISIS), it would be that they are people who seek to preserve their culture from domination by another culture through force of arms.  

THAT is what they ARE. The other labels are just statements of preference and history.  Had history gone another direction, the opposites would be true.  

But enough history, what of the present day?  

The military invasions of the past have been replaced with a new sort of invasion: mass uncontrolled immigration. 

And as in the past, the powers that support the invasion have control of the media. Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness has been replaced with “diversity is our strength” and other such empty slogans.

Normally, it is the job of the nation-state to prevent invasion. That is after all, the entire reason for having a border and a nation-state in the first place.  

Nation-states were invented to protect peoples and cultures, to say, “on this side of the line we do things this way.”  Wherever and whenever in history these lines have been crossed, moved, or blurred, conflict has arisen.

And for very obvious reasons.

But the nations of today, specifically the Western nations, have lost sight of this very obvious fact. And the leaders of today, like Merkel, Trudeau, and Macron, instead of being defenders of their nations, have become cheerleaders of invasions, oops, I mean uncontrolled immigration.

Guess what?

When one culture is supplanted by another, many don’t like it. Probably most. Some decide to do something about it.

The coming civil war will be unlike wars of the past.  It will not be fought between states, or even by states. The coming uncivil war will be fought by insurgent versus insurgent.  The coming uncivil war is here, now.

The mass shootings in El Paso, Gilroy, Christchurch, and Oslo… these were acts of war.  The perpetrators stated that they were acting – rightly or wrongly – in defense of their culture against the imposition of another.  That is the function of war.

The mass shooting at a gay disco, the Paris truck attacks, and nearly countless other incidents of so-called “Islamic terrorism” are acts of war. Terror is merely a tactic. The perpetrators goal is the imposition of their culture over another. Conquest by any other name is “war.”

World War Three is well under way.

Not between nations, but between small percentages of people at the fringes of different cultures. The goals of the combatants are clear. They are at war with each other, and yet, most terribly, their victims are almost never each other.  Instead, innocent people die.

I would prefer that innocent people live, not die. 

This is why I have been – and will continue to be – strongly against both foreign interventions and mass immigration.  These two things are different sides of the same coin. One culture imposing its ways on another, and always with the same result: some people don’t like it, and then innocent people die.

Of course, it is the shooters and bombers that bear responsibility for their actions, and I make no excuses for them, but there is also a long chain of events and policies that led to their deeds.  And leaving those unexamined, or worse unchanged, is only inviting future tragedy.

John Lennon used to sing, “Imagine there’s no countries…” which is really another way of saying, “Imagine there’s no borders.” Well, despite whatever nirvana one might imagine, it turns out that the reality of the matter is quite different.  Only a fool would base their political platform on the musings of a pop singer.

There is currently no shortage of fools.

I see them up and down my Facebook wall wondering how and why such tragedies could have happened.  DUh. The friggin shooters are telling you exactly why they happened.

According to Gina Katigbak, “Fear of a coming ‘white extinction’ happening soon is what is driving the current political chasm. It is the conservative’s boogeyman…”

Just one problem with that view. It’s not true.  In the El Paso lunatics manifesto, under economic reasons for the shooting, he writes, “Achieving ambitious social projects like universal healthcare and Universal Basic Income would become far more likely to succeed if tens of millions of defendants are removed.”

So… he wants universal healthcare and universal basic income?  Those are not “conservative” views, those are Bernie Bro and Andrew Yang views.  The El Paso shooter was not a free market guy, he was a democratic socialist. 

Nope. Sorry. The fear of a white extinction is not a conservative boogeyman. Nor is it a liberal boogeyman. It is not a boogeyman at all. It is a legitimate and serious issue that ought to be discussed openly and honestly.  But because it is not and won’t be allowed… there will be more blood.

There always is in a war.

Don’t act surprised next time.

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