The Strange Death of John F. Kennedy Jr.

The official story of John F. Kennedy Junior’s demise is a pack of lies.

Let’s start with the flight path as shown in the crash report. It shows the plane descending normally for a flight on final approach for landing, then correcting altitude to about 2500 feet. FAA rules require a pilot to radio the control tower before descending below 2500 feet. The plane then resumes a normal descent, followed by a very abnormal plunge straight down into the sea.

The official story is that John was “spatially disoriented.” But this is not flight path of someone who is lost or confused. Even with limited vision and no instruments, there can be nothing confusing about diving straight down into the sea.

Nor is it the flight path of a fuel shortage or mechanical malfunction. JFK’s Piper Saratoga could glide even without power 7000 feet for every 1000 feet in altitude loss. But JFK’s plane didn’t glide, it dove straight fucking down.


That is the real mystery here. And it appears that it is being covered up by other mysteries. For example, did JFK Jr. contact the control tower at Martha’s Vineyard while the plane was at 2500 feet? Depends who you ask and when. In one of the earliest reports, Coast Guard Officer Todd Bergun told the media:

“All I really know at this time is that it was at 9:39PM, and it was with the FAA, and it was on his final approach to Martha’s Vineyard.”

“So at 9:39 to the best of your information, JFK Jr. made a contact with the airport, with the flight controllers at Martha’s Vineyard airport, that he was on final descent?”

“That is correct.”

“At 9:39…”

It might sound like stating the obvious, but there is only one way Todd Bergun at the Coast Guard could get this information, and that is if someone at the FAA told him so.

And we can know that they did tell him so, because he specified 9:39, the exact time verified by the radar flight path that the plane had leveled off, presumably to contact the tower. If he had said 9:38 he would have been wrong, if he had said 9:40 he would have been wrong, but he said 9:39, so someone with very exact information told him this, and that would be the FAA.

The FAA knew.

This is important because according to FAA rules, if a plane reports that it is on final approach, and then fails to land within five minutes, a search is to begin immediately.

But no search began.

And there is more evidence that the FAA knew. According to the Boston Globe, friends of Lauren Bissett who were waiting at the airport contacted an airport employee, Adam Budd, who contacted the Martha’s Vineyard tower, and then called FAA officials in Bridgeport, Connecticut to report that, “Kennedy Junior’s plane was overdue.”

The FAA knew.

At 11PM, an hour and a half after the plane went missing, Senator Edward Kennedy called the FAA to report the plane missing. Now, a United States Senator is going to be able to get some action, right? Wrong.

The FAA did nothing.

At 2:15 AM, a family friend, Carol Ratowell called the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard contacted the FAA, the FAA contacted the Air Force, and the Air Force then told the Coast Guard to search an area off Long Island, more than 100 miles away from the plane’s last known location.

Still no search.

At 6:30AM, Senator Kennedy woke up John Podesta, Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff. At 7AM, Podesta woke up Clinton. At 7:15 Clinton told Podesta to call the Air Force and tell them that if they didn’t have a search underway in fifteen minutes they shouldn’t bother to come to work on Monday, because they would all be fired.

The Air Force sent two planes and two helicopters to “search” 20,000 square miles of open ocean, far far away from the last known location.

Why did it take so damn long to get a search started when the FAA knew about the missing plane right away, and why was the search conducted everywhere except the plane’s last known location? It doesn’t make any sense. But the nonsense was just beginning.

Media contact with the FAA and the Coast Guard was cut off and all reporters were directed to… the Pentagon.

When asked why, the military spokesman replied that the Pentagon was a convenient place to meet. But convenient for whom? The Pentagon is 500 miles away from the crash site. Wouldn’t it make more sense for reporters to go to Martha’s Vineyard? To the airport? To the local Coast Guard stations?

They didn’t. They went to the Pentagon, where Lt. Col. Steve Roark told them, “I only know for sure that they (JFK Jr.) did not talk to the tower at Martha’s Vineyard.”

Reporters were quick to point out the earlier Coast Guard report that JFK Jr. had, “contacted air traffic controllers at 9:39 about 17 miles off of Martha’s Vineyard.” But Roark interjected, “On the route they may have spoken to somebody, but not at Martha’s Vineyard.”

So… did JFK Jr. contact the tower or not?

The Coast Guard says yes, the Pentagon says no. Someone is wrong. But who? And how to find out? When another Pentagon spokesman was asked about radio contact, he directed reporters back to the FAA.

So the media asked the FAA. And what did the FAA say?


Without access to the FAA, the press continued looking to the Pentagon for information. Lynda Killian of People Magazine asked, “I just wonder if there is any information about why when the plane was expected in about 9:30, if there is any idea why you were not notified until three in the morning, and how important…”

The line was cut off before the question had been finished. It was never answered.

Then Martha Radich from ABC had a turn to ask Roark a question, “ABC is reporting today that the plane possibly went into a dive about 19 miles off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. Does that mean the search will start focusing right there, and you will pull away from Long Island or other areas you’re searching?”

The New York Times would later report that the Air Force had been provided with the radar track of John’s flight at 5AM, but Roark’s reply to Radich was, “We’ll continue on the same track we’re on. Which is to search the entire area. We have nothing that absolutely pinpoints one area as opposed to another.”

The reporter can’t believe what she’s hearing. Can it be that Roark doesn’t even know about the radar information? So she asks him, “Are you hearing those reports at all, about 19 miles off Martha’s Vineyard… the radar indicated at some point the plane may have gone into a dive?”

Roark says, “Uhh, the radar position is just a last possible position…”

Take another look at the radar report:

Is there any confusion over where a search ought to begin?

Col. Roark would later tell The New York Times, “It looked like a normal flight to me, it looked like it was on its descent. I didn’t see anything unusual.”

Seriously? Anyone can see that the radar track of Kennedy’s plane was not ‘normal.’  Col. Roark was either on drugs, had been fed false information, or was lying his ass off.

But why?

Why was the search bungled and delayed, despite the repeated efforts of the family, and why did the Pentagon take over the search, and why did the Pentagon experts make such ridiculous and obviously wrong statements to the press?

Because they did not want anyone to search the actual crash site. Because the crash was not an accident, it was a deliberate murder, and collaborators within the Pentagon and FAA were delaying for time while the culprits got to the scene first to remove any evidence.

Does that sound outlandish and bizarre?

Yes. It does.

But here is something else that is bizarre. The NTSB crash report that came out after the plane was recovered, reported that the plane’s fuel selector valve had been turned off. Why is that bizarre? Because that valve cannot be turned off by mistake. The only reason for it to be turned off during flight is because of fire. But there was no fire on the flight according to the crash report.

So why was the valve turned off?

In the history of aviation, there is only one other case in which the plane dove straight into the sea and the fuel selector valve was turned off. That is Egypt Air Flight 990. So maybe, whatever happened on Egypt Air 990 also happened on JFK Jr.’s flight? That would be a reasonable assumption, right?

Buckle your seatbelt.

Thanks to the recovery of the cockpit voice and data recorders we know exactly what happened on Egypt Air 990. A guest co-pilot, Gamil al-Batouti, coaxed the regular co-pilot to give up his seat, then when the pilot went to the restroom, al-Batouti said, “Tawakkalt ala Allah” (I rely on God) and put the plane into a steep dive. The pilot came back into the cockpit and pulled back on the controls. He urged al-Batouti to “Pull with me!” Instead, al-Batouti reached over and turned off the fuel selector valve and again said, “I rely on God.” Without engine power, there was no way that the pilot or anyone else could correct the dive. Egypt Air 990 plunged straight into the sea, killing all on board.

Now THAT is bizarre!

But THAT IS what happened on Egypt Air 990, and it happened just 3 months after JFK Jr.’s crash, and only about 10 minutes flight time away.

Skeptics might say that we cannot compare the crash of Kennedy’s plane with the crash of Flight 990 because there was no one on board Kennedy’s plane who would conceivably do what Gamil al-Batouti did on Egyptian Air Flight 990.

Or was there?

Significant evidence suggests that there was a fourth passenger, a flight instructor, on Kennedy’s plane.

  • First of all, Kennedy had every incentive to fly with an instructor. He was studying for his instrument rating, and the way to do that is to log hours flying with an instructor.
  • Secondly, According to one of Kennedy’s instructors, he “was not aware of the pilot conducting any flights in the accident airplane without an instructor on board.”
  • Thirdly, John’s co-editor at George Magazine had lunch with him the day of the flight. He recalled, “I glanced at John’s foot-even the short walk from the restaurant had tired him- then gave him a skeptical look. “Don’t worry,” he said, “I’m flying with an instructor.”
  • Fourthly, The Boston Globe later reported, “Kennedy told a business associate in Canada last Monday that for the time being, he’d rather fly with a copilot because his broken foot made it difficult…”
  • Fifthly, Carol Ratowell, a friend of the Kennedy Family, told Channel 5, the ABC affiliate in Boston, that Kennedy was flying with an instructor.
  • Sixthly, Kennedy had flown the same route 8 times that summer. He took a flight instructor on all 8 of those flights.
  • Seventhly, on 5 of those previous flights, the weather was so poor that it would have been illegal for Kennedy to fly without an instructor. As it turned out, visibility was so good on July 16 that Kennedy did not need a flight instructor, but he could not have known that in advance. It would have made sense to bring one just in case.
  • Eighthly, the NTSB could not find any evidence that Kennedy had ever flown his two-month-old Piper Saratoga airplane without a flight instructor.
  • Ninthly, Kennedy was not flying by himself, but was also taking his wife and sister-in-law along with him. Would not these two women have felt safer with a flight instructor, especially since Kennedy was still on crutches?
  • And finally, there are eyewitnesses who saw Kennedy, his wife, and his sister-in-law waiting for 45 minutes in the airport lounge before takeoff. Given that time was passing, visibility was declining, and darkness was falling, what could they possibly be waiting for?

Chances are very good they were waiting for a flight instructor.

Perhaps during this wait one of the women called Carol Ratowell to tell her they would be a little late because they were waiting for a flight instructor. How else would Ratowell have known to tell ABC news that there was an instructor on board?

There were ample reasons to believe that John had taken on a flight instructor, and NO ONE could credibly say that he didn’t until the crash site and flight log were recovered.

Strictly speaking, without the flight log, it would be irresponsible to say there was no instructor on board, but someone DID say it. That someone was not identified by name. They were identified only as “the family.”

But never mind what people say, once the flight log is recovered we’ll see who was listed on board. and that will settle it. People familiar with Kennedy’s flight habits knew that he kept his flight log in an aqua-green duffel bag. So when CNN reported that an aqua-green duffel bag had been recovered intact, they expected that the flight log had been recovered too. Wrong. The NTSB report said the flight log was never recovered and the aqua-green bag was never seen again.

Well, not to worry, once the plane was recovered, investigators could just listen to the cockpit voice recorder to hear who was on board, right? Wrong. When the plane was found, the battery to the voice recorder was missing. Why? Who took it out? When? No one knows.

But we do know that Kennedy had recently purchased the plane from Munir Hussein. Munir would later be implicated in organizing a scheme to commit bank fraud, but for some reason was not prosecuted.

Well, never mind Munir Hussein and the missing battery, if the plane has been found, they can just look inside and see who was on board! Right?

Not exactly.

Although Kennedy, his wife, and her sister were all found with the plane, no other body was recovered, at least not by the official recovery. But something else besides the battery was missing… eyewitnesses on the recovery team stated that one of the seats was missing. Guess which seat?

That’s right.

The seat where a flight instructor would have been was gone. All the other seats were trapped in the wreckage, but not that one. Thousands of pieces of wreckage were recovered, but not that seat. Where did it go? Kennedy was found inside the plane still strapped into his seat. How could the seat right next to him simply vanish?

I don’t know is a perfectly good answer, and… I do not know. But I do know that if there were a flight instructor on board, then his body went to the exact same place as that other seat. And that if someone had wanted to make the flight instructor disappear and had gotten to the crashed plane before the navy, then removing the whole seat would have been the best option.

There was of course ample time for someone else to get to the plane, thanks to the ridiculous charade being carried out by the Pentagon and the refusal of anyone at the FAA to conduct a proper search, for hours and hours.

It wasn’t that hard to find either. The radar report showed where it was and all aircraft carry an Emergency Location Transmitter that is crash activated and send out a beacon to satellites that can locate the crash within a few feet.

But why would someone want to make a flight instructor disappear? Well, if that someone bore some sort of resemblance to Gamil al-Batouti, the guy who crashed Egypt Air 990, then that would change the investigation entirely. Oh, did I mention that, Gamil al-Batouti was formerly a FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR in the Egyptian Air Force.

Gamil al-Batouti was no psychopath. He was a popular guy, well-liked, with no known medical or psychiatric conditions. So why did he suddenly commit murder/suicide by diving a commercial airliner into the sea for no apparent reason?

Somehow al-Batouti got the idea that this was a good idea that he should act on. Could he have been hypnotized into this belief and carrying out his action? A so-called Manchurian Candidate. It’s possible.

But what about Kennedy? Could he too have been ‘assisted’ by a hypnotized flight instructor?

It wouldn’t be the first time that a Kennedy died at the hands of a supposedly hypnotized assassin. To this day, Sirhan Sirhan says he has no recollection of shooting Bobby Kennedy and his lawyer says he was programmed to shoot Kennedy.

But the NTSB final crash report concluded that there was no flight instructor on board, and… they also included this quote from one of John’s instructors, “he wanted to do it alone.”

The media jumped all over that quote and that became the official story. They didn’t look at the radar flight path, they didn’t bother asking about the fuel selector valve, they never noticed the similarities with Egyptian Air 990, and they certainly didn’t look into how and where this quote came from.

The quote appears on a statement by Bob Morena, dated January 27, 2000, six months after the crash. It reads: “The instructor stated that he talked to the pilot on the day of the accident, and offered to fly with him on the accident flight. The pilot replied he wanted to do it alone.”

That may seem to settle matters, but there are a number of problems with this statement.

First of all, this supposed statement by Morena was not signed by Morena.

But the main problem was that Bob Morena had previously made a statement to the NTSB, just five days after the crash, which he did sign. In it he told a very different story, “My last contact with Mr. Kennedy was on July 16, 1999. I had contacted Mr. Kennedy’s office to inquire as to whether or not he needed his keys to the aircraft for that weekend. I was advised by Mr Kennedy that he did not require the keys and that I should return them at my convenience…”

Morena said NOTHING about Kennedy wanting to “do it alone,” in his original statement. And in that statement Morena also added that he, “was not aware of the pilot conducting any flights in the accident airplane without an instructor on board.”

Naturally, CNN investigated this contradiction. No. They didn’t. I was just kidding. But a documentary filmmaker, John Hankey, did call Morena to ask about the discrepancy. Morena replied, “Whatever I told the NTSB, that’s what happened.” And then he hung up.

Hankey also contacted the NTSB official who took the statement, David S. Muzio. But Muzio just referred Hankey to his supervisor who never returned Hankey’s calls or replied to his messages.

But why all the double-talk, delay, and trickery to hide the probable fact that Kennedy had a flight instructor with him? I mean, if the original news story that there was a flight instructor had been allowed to stand, and if the body of a flight instructor was recovered, and the missing flight log showed a flight instructor was on board, then… so what?

No big deal. Kennedy always flew with an instructor and had told people he would be flying with an instructor on this flight. That would be no surprise at all.

But the minute the story changed. The minute the Coast Guard’s Todd Bergun was replaced by the Pentagon’s Steve Roark. The minute Carol Ratowell’s statement was replaced by the unknown “the family,” was the same minute this whole thing failed to pass the smell test.

Something is rotten in the state of Camelot.

I do not believe the NTSB. I do not believe the Pentagon. And I do not believe any media reports based on information from either the NTSB or the Pentagon.

I believe that there was a flight instructor on Kennedy’s flight and that hiding the identity of that instructor was a high priority for nefarious reasons. I believe that John F. Kennedy Junior was murdered.

But if Kennedy was murdered, then who had means, motive and a reason to do so?

Well, there is some evidence to implicate some people, but I think I’ve said enough already…

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