How to Beat Trump 2020

So you hate Trump? Okay. I get it. But how are you going to get rid of him? Hate to break it to you, but impeachment is not going to happen. That shit will be thrown out in the Senate before you can say, “2020 Election.”

But don’t worry, there is a way to get rid of him, all you have to do is win in 2020 and I’m even going to tell you how to do it. But first, how not to do it…

Joe Biden
Biden is the frontrunner?? I can’t help but think its due only to name recognition and the backing of the powers that be. I mean, is anyone actually “excited” about Biden? The guy with grabby hands, who talks about kids playing with his hairy legs and challenges critics to push-up contests? Not exactly an intellectual heavyweight, but that might be his only advantage, as regular voters view him as “a regular guy.” But if the policy appeal of Biden is a return to the Obama years, then I don’t see how that helps in swing states like Michigan and Ohio, that are now doing much better under Trump than Obama. Biden loses.

Bernie Sanders
Isn’t it strange that all the hype around Bernie’s 2016 campaign seems absent for 2020? Back then, Bernie’s Democratic Socialism was all the rage among Progressive Dems, but now it’s lost in the pack. Part of that is due to the many immitators, and part due to the short attention spans of voters. Despite his far left policies, Bernie has some mainstream appeal, mostly through his angry Grandpa persona. But if we look across the sea, where the UK’s British Bernie – Jeremy Corbyn – just got trounced in their election, I’d have to say that the wind is not blowing Bernie’s direction. Bernie loses.

Elizabeth Warren
Oh look, it’s Bernie with boobs, or is it Shrill-ary 2.0? Although far-left, and an Ivy League elitist, she maintains mainstream appeal in much the same way as Bernie, by barking at all the leftwing approved enemies. Warren is also a “two-fer” in that she gives the anti-white-male left the thrill of voting for both a woman and a “native American” lol. Yes I know that’s stupid, but never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Unfortunately for Warren, much of the “thrill is gone” with Hillary fatigue in 2016, and that coupled with trust issues around Warren’s many claims, means Warren Loses.

Pete Buttigeg
Seems like a nice guy, well-spoken, tough-minded and reasonable, but from what I’m told, the African American community hates him, and (so I’m told) without the black-vote, no Democrat can get enough electoral votes to get across the line. Mr. Butt loses.

Andrew Yang
One of the more personable and intelligent candidates, also the one generating the most “excitement” and interest with his proposed $1000 per month for everyone. Of course if everyone were to pick up a calculator they would realize that such a promise would cost more than 4 TRILLION per year (more than the entire current U.S. budget). Although Yang claims to be good at math because he is Asian, I have to give him a D- on this one. Yang loses.

Amy Klobucher
On paper, Klobucher would be a very sensible choice, as she is a very sensible and moderate woman. Unfortunately, elections are not run ‘on paper’ and ‘sensible’ doesn’t appear to be what Democrats are looking for at the moment. Klobucher loses.

Micheal Bloomberg
Okay, let me get this straight, the party of ‘Occupy Wall Street’ is going to run the 8th richest man in the country who made his fortune on Wall Street? Uh… no. The best thing I can say for Bloomberg is that he is not economically retarded, however he is a complete dud in every other way, including a near complete lack of personality. Bloomberg loses.

Tom Steyer
For a long time, Tom Steyer has been the money man behind the Democratic Party, the American George Soros. Perhaps sensing how weak the current crop of candidates are, Steyer is now backing himself. Although Steyer spouts all the correct buzzwords and concerns, I just don’t see how a hedge-fund billionaire motivates either far-left progressives or midwest working class voters to go to the polls. If he had some charisma, maybe, but he doesn’t. Steyer loses.

Tulsi Gabbard
In many ways, Tulsi is the perfect candidate to beat Trump. A moderate progressive, anti-war, working class credentials, military service record, a woman, a minority, young, tough as nails, quick witted, and easy on the eyes. Of all the Dems, Tulsi more than any has what it takes to debate Trump and come out on top. So naturally Tulsi will get the nomination, right? Nope. Back in 2016 Tulsi angered the Dem establishment when she defected from Hillary for Bernie and that establishment and their media cronies have done nothing but smear and sabotage her campaign ever since. BUT TULSI WOULD WIN. She’d win the big states, she’d win the swing states, she’d win so much you’d get tired of winning. But the Dem party is too petty, and Dem voters too easily misled to see it. So it’s not going to happen. You lose.

Hillary Clinton
Yeah, yeah, I know, she’s not running. But rumors say, never say never. The problem is, people weren’t all that “excited” to vote for her last time, so what would make it different in 2020? Well, many potential voters stayed home because the media assured them that Hillary was going to win anyways, so perhaps they would be motivated to get up off the couch in a do-over. But increased turn-out in San Francisco and Chicago won’t change anything in Wisconsin or Florida, so… Hillary loses.

So what will actually happen?
Predictions aren’t easy, but I’ll guess that Biden ends up getting the nod and that he’ll pick Kamala Harris as VP, strictly for appearance reasons. As a team, they’d be the Dem equivalent of McCain and Palin in 2008, a slightly dopey old guy and a loud woman who overestimates her own competence. Biden will continue to say and do stupid things while Harris annoys everyone into staying home.

Realistically, there is only one way Trump is going to get beat, and that is if the economy takes a major turn for the worse in the next 11 months. It could happen. And I have little doubt that some are scheming to MAKE it happen, while many more HOPE it happens. But if it doesn’t, then get ready for four more years of Trump.

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