Top 10 Things to Know for Burning Man

1. It ain’t cheap. With a baseline ticket at $425 per person and parking passes at $80 per vehicle expect to lighten your wallet.

2. There are no services. No restaurants, no stores, no nothing. If you plan to be there for a week, you’ll need food and water for a week.

3. It’s dusty. Even without wind the dust gets kicked up and stays up. I can only imagine how bad it would be when windy. Goggles and/or a dust mask are a good idea.

4. It’s huge. To get anywhere requires crossing vast distances. You’re not allowed to drive so bring a bicycle (one that you don’t mind getting filthy.)

5. It’s loud. The bass starts pumping at about 9pm and keeps on pumping till 9am the next day (whether anyone is dancing or not.). If you want to sleep at night, bring ear plugs.

6. It’s dark. Bring a flashlight, and/or some sort of personal lighting system, add some lights to your bicycle too.

7. Dress up (or not). In general the look is Mad Max/Road Warrior style, but anything weird will fit right in. Complete nudity also acceptable. Or be really weird and just dress as your normal self.

8. Face reality. Internet and phone service is highly unreliable. You’re going to have to talk to real people.

9. Stay cool. It’s freaking hot in the day time and there isn’t a lot to do. If you have an RV, make sure the air conditioner works. If tenting, have an extra awning to keep the sun off it, and extra deep spikes to keep it from blowing away.

10. Be patient. Getting 70,000 people and all their stuff in and out of a deserted area takes time. A LOT of time if you arrive/depart at regular hours. I’d recommend arriving somewhere in the middle and departing in the wee hours.

Would I do it again? Yeah, maybe. Ideally as a sculptor, I’ve got some ideas…

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