See this bottle?

It’s a gas station. No I’m not kidding. What you can’t see is the pair of girls to the right laughing at me as I take a photo of their business. They’ve got snacks as well, just waiting for someone to run out of gas so they can spring into action, help them, and profit.

You’ll see these sorts of impromptu service stations all over Myanmar. And its only the beginning. Successful ones add more bottles, colored lights, an air compressor, tires and accessories, you name it. Its textbook capitalism from the ground up. People helping people and bettering their own lives along the way.

I saw another guy will a gas pump in his scooter sidecar, and another with a pump and a 40 gallon drum in a golf cart. There’s seemingly no limit to human ingenuity. Somewhere around town there must be a regular gas station that is supplying these entrepreneurs, but I have yet to see one.

Now, just imagine trying to start such a gas station in the US or Canada. No way. Not going to happen. Tell me again who’s free and who’s not?

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