Redefining a white-label manufacturer as a consumer brand.

LSI Logic

Website design for a high technology supplier but with a consumer edge.

Thomson Reuters

Social platform for an academic audience, with a strategy to make the experience less formal than typical Reuters materials.


When a company’s  brand is based on ultimate performance, they’d better be sure the website supports this idea in visual design, personalization, media, and interaction. delivers in all aspects.    

She Just Stared at Me

She was in her late twenties, with flowing brown hair and clear pale skin. I met her on my morning commute. The 880 from Oakland to San Jose is one of the worst commutes in the Bay Area. Roughly an hour and a half of stop and start traffic with no rhyme or reason to… Read More »

Condo Olympics

To rehab my shoulder I’ve been swimming in my Condo’s rooftop pool. First couple days I didn’t really swim. Just sat neck high submerged and moved my arm slowly up and down to see how far I could push it without popping it out again. Yesterday I swam one length, a slow breast stroke, just… Read More »


A partial listing of e-commerce clients, projects and screens.


The primary goal of this redesign effort was to reign in the many sub-sites for SanDisk’s various business units into a unified set of templates, strengthen the brand message, and move customers through the sales cycle.

McClure’s Magazine

User experience, site design, editorial content, social platforms and more for a satire and news site.

The Best Teacher I Ever Had

When I was about four years old, my parents gave me a toy piano. Up until that moment, I had been able to figure out just about anything, but it soon became quite clear to me that I had no aptitude for music. The piano was put aside – way aside – for crayons, building… Read More »

Clinique Cyberface

A series of interactive experiences ranging from desktop applications, to in-store kiosks, to web applications. Cyberface was truly ahead of it’s time, a vision of what was coming to the interactive space.

Banks & Credit Unions

Mostly while serving as Creative Director at Extractable, I was involved in designing numerous bank and credit union websites. It was an area of specialty and we won numerous awards from the Credit Union Marketing Association, such as Logix Banking and Security Service Federal Credit Union.