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The Strange Death of John F. Kennedy Jr.

The official story of John F. Kennedy Junior’s demise is a pack of lies. Let’s start with the flight path as shown in the crash report. It shows the plane descending normally for a flight on final approach for landing, […]

David Attenborough is Full of (Walrus) Shit

A new Netflix episode of Our Planet shows heart-wrenching scenes of walruses plunging over sea-cliffs to their deaths. And according to the shows narrator, David Attenborough, it’s all your fault. Why?  Because shrinking sea ice caused by “climate change” forces […]

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house on fire Peter lik

House on Fire

I’d seen a photo of this place years ago and decided I wanted to go there one day… if only […]

The Kanaung Conspiracy

Sandamuni Pagada was built in memory of Prince Kanaung, who was to have been the next King of Burma but […]


The true story of Johnny Cash’s greatest album is a sad one.

Practical Idealism

Way back in 1925, this book proposed both the EU and mass immigration. The author Kalergi received help from the […]

The Righteous Mind

I really can’t say enough good things about this book, it’s fantastic. An antidote to the insanity of today’s political […]